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Hello and Welcome! Thank you for your interest.

You will receive occasional emails from me, approximately once a month. My goal is that each email brings you accessible and useful information, stories, experiences, and knowledge that inspire you, motivate you, and support your life. I'll also share upcoming events, performances, or classes that I'm offering or involved with.

Writings often relate to dance, bodywork, self care, embodiment, empowerment, psycho-emotional-spiritual resilience, environmental stewardship....and whatever else is inspiring or challenging me!

I may occasionally send additional short notes with updates on events or classes.

If you want all the goodies from the regular monthly communication, choose both "Moving Joy Studios" and "Postcards to the Earth" lists.

If you ONLY want notes about events and classes, choose "Classes, Workshops, Performances" list.

I look forward to connecting with you more!

With heart,
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